Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can You Make Money Online?

Before I share with you on the subject can you make money online, it is very important to assess yourself if you really want to start a make money online business? If you do, are you ready to commit yourself to this online business and work as hard as any offline business?

If you have been told that to make money online is very easy without any much effort, I am sorry but to disappoint you. It is only easy if you have been in it for awhile and know what jobs that can be outsourced instead of working on it yourself.

Once you have addressed the above issues, let me share with you more on can you make money online.

Many have tried and failed because they lack the commitment and expect too much in too short a time. Since they have been sold on the idea that to make money online is easy, they expect to make thousand of dollars in a very short time which is not realistic.

If you are a beginner and wondered if you can make money online, my answer to you is YES! Set yourself on a small goal like $200 first to cover your basic startup cost like buying a “search engine optimized domain name” and a reliable web hosting space.

To get yourself committed to this online business, I suggest you start finding profitable niche using keyword research surrounding your interest or hobby. This is fundamental to online success to ensure that your interest in your online business will sustain.

When you have collected a list of highly searched keywords with small to medium competition, it is time to write articles on them. After your articles are ready, it is time to host it live on the Internet.

Creating a website on the Internet might require some technical knowledge on HTML or PHP scripting language. If you are new, I suggest you read on how to make money from blogging like Wordpress. On this matter, if you are already a website owner, I also suggest that you convert your website into a blogging platform.

Updating and publishing on a Wordpress is as easy as ABC. No more mambo jumbo technical jargon to master. Simply type your article on Word to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Next copy it to Wordpress!

So how can you make money online? When you have more than 20 articles on your blog, visit Google and apply for an Adsense account. Simply paste your Adsense code on your blog and when your blog starts to grow, along with your visitors to your blog, you will make some money on Adsense advertising.

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