Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ebay Auction Optimization Tips – Part 1

This is a 3 parts series of ebay auction optimization tips that I have learned awhile back. The concept is very much similar to Search Engine Optimization on a website to ensure your auction listing in getting the maximum exposure.

As I have said before, ebay auction optimization is very similar to SEO and therefore the most important part is the title of your auction listing. Studies have shown that many ebay users search for the title of the auction. They will search the description as well only after they did not find any suitable listing in the auction.

Not only you have to include your keyword in the title of your ebay auction listing, you also have to include words that will encourage them to click on your listing. Instead of using title such as “Best Book on Ebay Education”, why not chose title such as “ Rocket Your Profit With My Ebay Secrets”.

You only have limited character spaces in your title and therefore it is necessary to make full use of it. Do not waste these spaces for unnecessary words. What you think is your best might not be for others. People hardly include such words in their search.

If you are really short of spaces in the title, you can use abbreviations on other words to make room for your keywords. Never use abbreviations for your keywords since this is the most important words in your title.

Writing the title of your ebay auction listing takes time and experience and it is beyond my short article to share with you. To summarize my ebay auction optimization tip for this post is to ensure that your keywords are in the title of your ebay auction listing.

Finally chose compelling words together with your keywords to warrant your visitors to click on your ebay auction listing. If they never click, you will never have the chance to sell them anything.

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