Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ebay Auction Optimization Tips-Part 3

Although you might be using broadband to connect to the Internet, unfortunately many users on the Internet are still using 56k dialup modem. Therefore it is not a surprise that over half eBay users are on 56k dialup.

ebay auction listingIt is important that your eBay auction listing loads within 8 to 10 seconds. In order for your listing to load fast, the graphic used for the listing must be small in size. Posting your item in thumbnail size should be sufficient.

Graphics on a page will take awhile for it to show up on the user’s computer and very often, they will just click the back button to check out the next eBay auction listing.

If you are trying to sell something that a computer geek needs, chances are that they are on broadband and therefore using a bigger picture will not affect the downloading of the listing.

Sad to say, 95% of eBay users are not in this league. If you really think that you need to show details of the item to be sold, you can always use a simple tag to convert the thumbnail into a bigger size picture.

When it comes to graphic, are you aware gif file is much smaller than a jpeg file? I bet you have never bothered to check it out and wondered why are there so many types of graphic format.

By using a thumbnail for your graphic and linking it to show a bigger graphic is the way to make your eBay auction listing since majority of eBay users are on dialup. Having a great product and not able to get maximum exposure in eBay is a great loss!

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