Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project Payday - A Legit Method to Make Money at Home

I have included Project Payday on my blog for all of my readers who write in asking if there are any legit online programs that they can use to make some quick money. Project Payday is not a get rich quick scheme - it is more like a work at home job. You don't need a blog or website as it involves getting paid to try out trial offers from online advertisers. There is work to this but you can realistically earn a couple of hundred dollars a day if you want to put in the effort.

I have written several posts about this and suggest you start with this one. Project Payday

Unfortunately Project Payday is only available to American users at this time. (Non Americans see program below - Cashcrate).

CashCrate is another program similar to Project Payday and they do accept people world wide - it's free to join.

For comparative purposes the stats above reflect my actual earnings with Cashcrate. Your earnings will obviously vary.

A Little Heart to Heart

If you have made it this far down the page then I assume you might just be serious about learning how to make a real sustainable living online - as opposed to the thousands of visitors I see daily looking for that "get rich quick" miracle that really doesn't happen without a winning lottery ticket.

You have probably figured out by now that you aren't going to find the answer in a $47 ebook or by following your favorite twit on twitter. The fact is many of you are still wondering how this plain free hosted Blogger blog dominates the rankings on the search engines - right? Did you find this site by typing in "make money online" in Google?

If you did then you are halfway to learning the secret to making money online - you need targeted traffic from the search engines (for any niche you pick) and once you have that, you can sell them what they are looking for. Sounds simple and on paper it is - actually dominating the search engines is the hard part. It takes time and you do need to understand keywords and anchor text links. You can spend time on this site and sift through my posts to learn this or you can do yourself a favor and pony up one buck and test drive Court's Keyword Academy Crash Course for a month and learn just why I rank number 1 in the search engines.

This isn't another waste of money or time - just an honest answer for the few of you willing to do the work and who really do want to make a long term sustainable living online. Read my blog from back to front or try a more focused approach with Court - either way you will not be disappointed.

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