Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 Ways To Maximize Your Earnings

If you are making money from Google Adsence, you might want to monetize your website from other methods as well. Can you imagine if your income is solely from Adsence and for no reason, you are not making any? Making money online is very much like investing, you need to diversify!

  1. Text Link Advertising
  2. Text link advertisement is very much like Google Adsence and getting it to run on a Wordpress blog is very easy. The algorithm is very much similar to Adsence. Once you install the script on your website, it will analyze the content and match with the most relevant advertisement. Currently I am using Kontera.

  3. Product Placement
  4. In Google Adsence, you can choose to display image of product or text link. Product placement program from Chitika is basically advertisement of products. It is very good if your website is getting a lot of search engine traffic. Once you have paste the script unto your web page, Chitika will show products that are relevant to the search phrase. If the user searched for computer, it will show computer products on your website.

    From my brief experience with them, I think they are more into physical products and not digital products. Tested my link with keyword phrase that is related to digital product like “seo software” and my blog did not serve up any Advertisment at all.

  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. There are many affiliate marketing programs in the market. If you are trying to sell physical goods, then your choice will be Amazon and Commission Junction. Clickbank and Linkshare are more popular for digital products. Made a post on how to choose a winning affiliate product from clickbank awhile back.

  7. Promote Own Product
  8. The satisfaction to sell your own product is much greater than selling product of others. Moreover you get to keep 100% of the profit. You can easily make money easy with an Ebook to be sold online.

You must be creative to make money online. Think about why they are at your site, and what related products or services they may be interested in. Always offer them your honest opinion be it good or bad and let them decide for themselves.

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