Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You Using the Right Pay Per Click Keywords?

If you are using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to market your online business, then you must know that having the right keywords is of the utmost importance. Your choice of keywords can make or break your attempt to use PPC advertising to market your business. The first thing to do is determine exactly what keywords provide accurate descriptions of your business. Simply have a brainstorming session where you put down everything that comes to mind about your business. In a few days, go through this list again and try to eliminate those words that do not truly reflect the heart and soul of your business. In all likelihood, you will be able to eliminate most of them as either being too general or not quite descriptive enough.

Some people believe that the best way to make use of PPC advertising is to have as many keywords as possible, some of which are expensive and some of which are cheap, so that eventually your average cost is somewhere in between. The problem with this approach, however, is that most of these keywords will have little or relevance to your site, and you will therefore be wasting your time and money. True enough, you will experience an increase in traffic to your site. The amount of sales you make, however, are not likely to increase by very much, if at all. The keywords you use must truly and accurately describe your business, so that people who still choose to visit your site are actively looking for what you have to offer them.

Some websites are seemingly best described by terms that are extremely general in nature, such as ‘home business’ or ‘work at home’ and others along those lines. The cost of using such keywords in PPC advertising campaigns is most likely going to be prohibitive, as these will be highly contested keywords that many other people also want to use. It is much more cost effective for you to choose keywords that may be searched for less frequently but are much cheaper. That said, a keyword is only truly expensive if it costs more to maintain that keyword than the value of the revenue that the keyword brings in. A keyword could cost $10, but if it brings in $20 in revenue per click, then you can hardly call it expensive.

The cost of keywords is directly related to their positioning in the search results of the various web search engines. People who compete over the same keyword offer bids to determine the positions of their keywords. The highest bidder for a keyword will have their advertisement placed at the very top of the search results list, on the very first page. This is not where you want your advertisement to be, however, as the first three pay per click advertisements generally suffer many accidental clicks. You should try to position your keyword such that it is on the first page of results but just behind the first three advertisements. This way, you maximize interested traffic while reducing the number of accidental clicks that will simply waste your money.

PPC advertising can be a major boon to your growing online business. There is nothing simpler than sitting down, drawing up a list of keywords for your business, listing them with one or more major PPC programs, and immediately experience a rise in traffic volumes to your site. While the success of your online business is determined by a variety of factors, the fact remains that using the right keywords in your PPC advertising campaign could be one of the major factors that leads to your business becoming an online success story.

Seomul Evans is a senior Search Engine Optimization Services consultant specializing in Meta Search Engines and SEO articles.

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