Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Benefits of Selling in Ebay

Do you have something to sell? Why not consider eBay? It is one of the largest online market place to sell your products. Daily transactions averages at 100 million USD and I think it is bound to go higher once everybody sees the benefits of selling in eBay.ebay

  1. Ready Buyers

  2. Ebay is an auction website and the starting bid is always below the cost price to create interest with the buyers. As long as the bid price is below the cost price, it will continue to attract a huge following of buyers in the hope of buying it cheap and this where MOST buyers are out of control. They will be buying more on EMOTION rather than reasoning if they really need it!

  3. No website required

  4. If you hate creating a website to sell your products, eBay is your perfect solution. All you need to do is to take some nice and clear pictures of your product and describe to the best of your ability. Once posted in eBay, all you need to do is to pray for people to see it. If you have done your research in advance, only offer products that are in demand, it will fly off the shelf in no time.

  5. No Sales Copy

  6. Writing sales copy is a skill that you need to learn. Sales copy is only required if you have a website to sell your products. You must be able to use words to invoke your buyer’s emotion. Only good sales copy is able to do that and if you do not have the time to learn this skill, eBay business is definitely for you.

  7. Don’t need traffic promotion

  8. I am sure you have heard me or others telling you that traffic are the life line in Internet business. However in eBay, it has over a billion page views every single day. Can you imagine exposing your products to that sort of audience? Your job is to find profitable niche using keyword research and the traffic will take care of itself.

Unfortunately there are some unpleasant reports on eBay such as buyers claiming that they did not receive their goods. You need to treat eBay as a business. In any business there will goods damaged during shipping that is beyond your control.

When you encounter such claim, always give the benefit of doubt to your buyer. The possibility of a happy buyer will be your loyal customer is what matters!

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