Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Can I Start Making Money?

Very often I am asked on when can I start to make money online and offline. This is a very popular question and I wish I can tell you exactly which is not very likely since I won’t know how much you have done on your website.

In order to answer this question actually depends on 1 important factor, Traffic! I am sure you have heard it a thousand times that Traffic is the life line to make money online. Business on the Internet is actually very much similar to your offline business.

If you are into the business of selling cookies and you are looking for a shop to rent. The success of your business is also very much dependent on the amount of traffic the shop enjoys. Enjoying cheaper rental on a shop in the suburb is not going to ensure the success of your business.

Renting a shop in the City instead is probably a better business decision. Although the rental might be higher, the probability to sell some cookies is much higher since it is in a higher traffic environment.

Getting back to when can I start making money online is to gauge from the traffic your website enjoy. This can be easily be measured and the simplest way to gauge is by looking at the Alexa ranking of your website. Visit Alexa and simply enter the URL of the website in the search box.

From my experience, only websites that are below the ranking of 500,000 will be able to start making money by monetizing on Ads space and text-link ads. Popular website like Google is given a ranking of 1 and newly started website will be given a ranking of more than 10 millions.

Therefore never stress yourself if you are not making any money online yet. Instead focus your energy on how to build great articles for your visitors so that they may help you spread by word of mouth.

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